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Inversion Workshop 

with Susie Beekman

Saturday April 14th 2:00-3:30

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Take your Inversions to the Next Level!

Inversions are among the most powerful of asanas. They reverse the effects of gravity, decompress the spine, improve circulation and relieve mental fatigue and fogginess. Best of all… they are FUN!

In this workshop we will practice skills and drills to learn how to invert safely with proper alignment and intention. Join Susie in a playful exploration of a variety of inversions.

*All levels welcome, space is limited.
Register and pay before April 10-$25. After April 10-$30.*

Susie has been teaching yoga for 12 years. She has a passion for inversions and play. As a mother of 3 she has found flipping her perspective upside down to be invaluable!

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