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Communicating Kindness and Healthy Connection

Led by Kerry Russell and Amy Whitfield

February 17th 2:00-4:00pm

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A Gentle Partner Yoga and Thai massage experience designed to cultivate healthy communication through connection. Thai Yoga Massage is a technique that can help relieve the body of years of tension and stress by opening tight joints, lengthening muscles, and providing a deep sense of well-being and relaxation.

In this workshop, you and your partner will learn a sequence of stress-releasing stretches, assisted yoga poses, and rhythmic deep tissue massage. Thai Yoga is “like having yoga done to you, all the benefits without the effort.”

Combined with mindful breath and meditation, you will leave this unique experience feeling relaxed, energized and more balanced. Bring a friend, spouse or yoga buddy or be paired up when you arrive.

No experience is necessary.

Space is limited, early registration recommended.






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Alexander’s Sound Journey through The Chakras

Sound Meditation and Discussion

Saturday March 3rd, 2018, 2:00-3:30


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In this experiential group sound meditation, Alexander creates sound with crystal bowls, Tibetan cowls, Native American flute, tingshas, didgeridoo, sitar, chimes, bells, gong, drums, vocal toning, vocables, etc. in a stimulating and supportive manner to support the nine major energy centers as you sit or lie down in a relaxed and comfortable position. Bring a pillow, blanket or whatever you need to feel comfortable.

Alexander directs these stirring, releasing, and calming sounds in a variety of ways. Focusing on the 7 main chakra system plus one above the head and one below the feet.
Following this energy center alignment, there is a quiet/rest time. After the still time, Alexander will open the floor and gently begin a gentle discussion/Q & A around topics such as: your Sound Journey experience, Subtle Energy, Sound/Vibration, Conscious Communication, Subtle Energy in Relationships, Self Exploration, Wellness and how all these subjects are so interconnected.


Cost: $25