Class Descriptions
A mixed-level class comprised of an energetic, flowing sequence, with a focus on synchronizing movement with breath. Sequencing will vary from class to class, encouraging creativity, exploration and play. A familiarity with the yoga postures is recommended for your safety and enjoyment.
A strong, energetic Vinyasa flow practice linking breath to movement with plenty of sun salutations, standing asanas and balance poses. This class will incorporate unique core work, and leave you feeling strong, centered and focused. Expect to flow, have fun, and be challenged!
An all-level mellow and meditative class. Renew and Restore offers very gentle flowing movement to warm the body, followed by longer-held seated and standing postures. This class will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated: a perfect way to start your week!
A great class for those who are new to yoga, and also for those experienced students that are wanting to deepen their practice and their understanding of the postures. In the foundations classes, detailed instruction is given emphasizing proper alignment, modifications, and adjustments, allowing students to develop a safe yoga practice catered to their unique needs.
A mixed-level class for those who have attended Gentle Yoga and/or Foundations Levels 1, and are ready to challenge themselves a bit more. This class will be equal parts strengthening and stretching, with a focus on alignment and breath awareness.
An intermediate class for experienced students. The primary focus of this class will be in-depth exploration of the key components of more advanced physical postures, and building the strength and flexibility necessary to accomplish these asanas safely and with confidence. This practice is a great primer for the more vigorous classes.
An all-levels class, perfect for all students who want to relax and unwind! The gentle practice is an exploration of breath work, supine and standing poses, and includes tools for combatting stress. Safety is of upmost concern, and modifications are taught to accommodate all body types.
An intermediate class that fuses classical and contemporary pilates mat exercises for an effective workout that takes your core strength to the next level. You can expect to be challenged physically and mentally as you are encouraged to engage deep stabilizing core muscles while building muscular strength, flexibility, and correct body alignment.
An intermediate/advanced practice that is powerfully designed to sweat away toxins, balance the mind, and renew the body. It will take your strength and flexibility to the next level incorporating “peak” poses, backbends, arm balances and inversions. Each Power Hour class will be a playful, creative, and guaranteed sweaty mat experience!
Yoga for Dudes is an all-levels class, taught from a man’s perspective that explores the specific benefits of yoga for men. Physical practices will strengthen the core, arms, and legs, promote stamina and endurance, and include deep stretches for typically tight areas in men, such as the shoulders, hips, and hamstrings. Breathing and relaxation techniques also will be explored to help men cope with stress.
Pay what you can for this all-level flow.  75% of all proceeds will be donated to a featured charity.   Expect a playful class with equal amounts of strengthening and stretching, while uniting forces to support a common cause.
Deep Stretch is an all-level class with a strong focus on creating flexibility in the hips, back, shoulders and neck.  This class will release tension, peel away stress, and make you feel a sense of ease and lightness in your body.
An intermediate, powerful vinyasa class designed to give your shoulders and wrists a vacation from weight-bearing postures.  Be prepared to strengthen your legs and your core in this vigorous practice, and also learn some therapeutic tools for reducing strain in the upper body.  This class is suitable for those with shoulder and wrist injuries.
An advanced level class designed to get your heart rate elevated and your mat covered in sweat.  Creative sequencing will challenge your strength and balance in new ways, offering greater mobility and power within your practice.  Expect strength, balance, deep stretch, cardio, inversions, rapid movements, and long holds; everything and anything can and will be used within this Advanced Power Class!
An all-levels class that combines deep opening, foundational poses, and gentle, flowing movement.  This is a wonderful class for both new and seasoned yogis, designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of the postures, and to learn techniques for removing stress and tension!
A multi-level flow led by an instructor who is currently enrolled in a 200-hour teacher training program.  Cost is only $5!

“Born in a boxing club, BoxingYoga™ focuses on streamlined activity, directly targeting improved sporting performance. A BoxingYoga™ class merges boxing technique with traditional and innovative yoga postures in a 60-minute class format. The four stages of the class are performed in one continuous movement sequence to music, with intensity adapted to participant’s needs and ability. BoxingYoga™ methodically strengthens and stretches the entire body and offers practitioners a considered approach to explore coordination, body awareness and correct posture alignment. As a result, BoxingYoga™ helps to drastically shorten recovery time and cultivates relaxation and muscular tension release to prevent injuries and optimize a healthy body and mindset.” (All levels)