Studio Features

TWO unique studios, ONE location

Radiance Yoga has a heated and a non-heated studio. 

Our first studio opened in May 2015, and this studio offers a wide variety of unheated classes. This studio, affectionately called “The Tree House,” is filled with natural light and greenery.

In March of 2019, the “Hot Shala” was created.  This studio is heated with far infrared ceramic panels, which provides a dry, gentle heat that mimics the warmth of the sun.  The infrared waves are absorbed by the body, and increases blood circulation.  Some benefits of far infrared heat include boosting immune function, detoxifying the body and reducing joint stiffness.  Most classes will be heated to about 95 degrees.  Classes with the “Heated” label will be in the Hot Shala.  Please bring your own mat, water and a towel.